I think I must be the only one using FreeBSD who wants to listen to 
podcasts. :)

I'm having trouble finding decent podcast downloading/management software 
to use on my FreeBSD desktop. Although a number of media player/
management programs (Exaile, Rhythmbox, Amarok, BMPx) have podcast-
capabilities, they are limited and seem tacked-on as an afterthought. 
Missing is something along the lines of IcePodder, jPodder, Juice 
Reciever, etc.

Because I want to keep my podcast directory current so it's ready to be 
synced with my media player at pretty much any time, even a command-line 
program (run via cron) would suffice. I fear not editing text 
configuration files. I just need SOMETHING that has the basic features I 
need. Not even castget nor podcatcher have more than "download what's 
new" features.

What I need is to be able to manage my already-downloaded podcasts, so 
that I can choose things like "only keep the last X number of podcasts" 
and "only keep podcasts from the last X days/weeks". Seems simple, right?

Does anyone know of any program in the ports that can do this? If there's 
one out there not in ports, is there someone willing to add it? Thanks 
ever so much!

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