Does anybody know howto set my env to iso.8859-1 (Latin1)
        so that, say [Alt]-i will produce an e-aigu?  I think that's
        e-acute.  I have it partlyworking in regular xterm.  I can type
        the string

        % cafe 

        with the final e being  hex-e9 and I get 

        "zsh: command not found: \M-i"

        which makes sense.  It would be nice to see the cafe echoed with 
        the aigu over the e, but whatever.  On both the Gnome Terminal 
        and the KDE Konsole, zip, nada, nothing.  I've tried "Setttings"
        for the Konsole terms. No joy.  I don't know where to mouse and
        click for Gnome.  Oh,and most of the time in vi no Latin1 chars.

        thanks for any clues!


  Gary Kline  [EMAIL PROTECTED]  Public Service Unix

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