On Mon, Aug 27, 2007 at 09:00:11PM +0000, Scott I. Remick wrote:
> I think I must be the only one using FreeBSD who wants to listen to 
> podcasts. :)

Nop, we're two ;-)

Take a look into GoldenPod..... there is not a port for this one yet,
but it should be pretty straight forward to install it.

I'm using it on my FreeBSD, but I'm unsure if it will fullfill your

When you download new podcasts, Goldenpod downloads into a directery
with the name of the date, for example 2007-08-28.

At the same time symbolic links are made from the files in this new
directery to a directery called 'latest'.

..and for each subscription there is a directory with same name as the
subscription. In this directery GoldenPod also will make a symbolic link
to the date directory files which belongs to this subscription.

GoldenPod has some kind of graphic configuration, but I have never used
it. GoldenPod is commandline driven.

Check http://goldenpod.nongnu.org/ where you also will find the man

Brgds Harry
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