Hi list,

First forgive me if this is not the ideal list for this thread, and
please redirect me to the good one.

After this discussion[1] I did spend some time in order to improve the
script provided by Maxim Khitrov, and here is the result :

- show all knobs supported by ports not yet installed, with an asterisk
if the knob is enabled in ports.conf (make.conf is not supported now)
- show all options supported by ports not yet installed, with an
asterisk if the option is enabled in /var/db/ports/$portname/options
- full color listing (only if CLICOLOR is defined and the output is not

The goal is to tweak knobs (and options) before running make
config-recursive or make install. Work for me on 6-STABLE and tested
with xorg, gnome2 and some lighter ports. The files are available with
a screenshot at this URI[2], of course portconf is required.

I am aware of only one caveat : due to heuristics used to display
options, they may appear twice (this is why I used two colors to
display options). There are probably other problems, so don't hesitate
to point mistakes or inefficiencies.

I wonder if it could be integrated to the ports tree when finished,
what's your opinion on this ?

Thanks for your attention :)

[2] http://athanatos.free.fr/FreeBSD/
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