On Tue, 28 Aug 2007 18:01:02 +0200 (CEST), "P.U.Kruppa"
>> do not need. My question is more general, though, I would simply like to
>> know if there's any simple way to put the box behind a router and sitll
> be
>> able to do transparent proxying of requests originating from my LAN?
> Yes: generally spoken: a gateway/proxy is what you tell your
> client machines to use as a gateway/proxy. You can just set it
> anywhere in your network and make it suck its data from your
> router.
> Transparent proxying might be a bit difficult to set up at times
> but you can start with an ordinary cache-proxy (called by
> requests on port 8080 or something).
> As long as your kids don't have admin rights on their
> workstations, they won't be able to change it.
> By the way: blocking single addresses or even some expressions
> won't keep anyone from watching bad pages - all one needs is
> google and some patience.

I use dansguardian it is much more than a simple page block. DG is a very
useful tool.

> So - sorry for adding educational hints - talk to your children
> first and explain the meaning of the word trust to them. When
> they really believe they have to deceive you, they probably will
> be able to live without a computer for some time.

Absolutely - that's what I do. I only want to prevent situations where kids
by accident go to bad sites (spoofed urls, and the like). I do not have a
problem of kids trying to cheat me. 

> Sorry, this really was off topic.

No problem. I appreciate all advice. I can always learn something, can't I?

Zbigniew Szalbot

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