Ben Williams schrieb:
Friday, January 31, 2003, 3:55:02 AM, you wrote:

AWA> Hi,
AWA> I need to connect to my FreeBSD box from a Windows PC using some kind of X AWA> server for Windows. I was wondering if someone could be so kind and give me AWA> a few recommendations?

AWA> I only need a simple server, no print or stuff - just the plain (vnc-like) AWA> thing.

AWA> Thanks!
AWA> /Andreas

X-Win32 by Starnet is the nicest win32 X Server I've seen, but you have to
buy it after the trial's up.

If you're into hacking around at things a bit there's an X Server
that'll run on cygwin (free) too. This is what I use.
Could you elaborate on Cygwin, please? Is there a tutorial on setup available (for X-Server, not Cygwin)? I remember i tried this long time ago, but couldn't manage to run it.

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