I am trying to get a new machine to boot from v6.2 install disc one of packaged cd set.
The mother Board I am using is MSI RX480 NEO 2 w/AMD64.
At first I got the message usb1:panic: vm_fault on nofault device and an address
I disabled usb in the bios then rebooted.
next I got the same message (without reference to usb1) just after psm0 which I
surmised was the ps2 mouse. I unplugged it an rebooted.
I am now getting the same message after mo something or another. I did not
transcribe the message to reproduce here.

One annoyance about this mother board right off the launch pad is how long it takes to enter bios. I seems to take forever to detect the three hard drives I have installed: to be boot drive is ide and the other two are 10k SATA drives. It also wants to get up on the network via on board ethernet out of the box. I had to fumble around in bios to see if I could dope out what setting would kill that. (how can it get on a network if I cannot install an os and set up the network card in the first place?). I did find a setting that looked suspiciously extra related to the onboard ethernet driver (realtek, etc etc. ) and disabling that
seemed to do the trick. I was something having to do with ROM associated
with the driver. (anyone who wants more specific data, let me know and I
will go back and write it down. It is late tonight (11:30) and I have been screwing
around with this since about 8:00 P.M.)

Does anyone have advice or data to enlighten me on this situation (panic: vm_fault....)? I have used the same cd set to successfully install on ASUS/AMD64 socket AM2.

usb I can live without, ps/2 mouse I do not need as I will run a server w/o xwindows The next device I am not sure about. And I hope I can get all the problem children
placed in foster homes so I can get my show on the road.

Thanks in advance.
Jeff K

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