I want to run a cron job in /etc/crontab that runs (ifconfig em0 down; ifconfig 
em0 up) if my cables static ip gateway can't be pinged but I can't figure it 
out.  I can't get the syntax that runs in the command window, to then put intot 
the crontab....

Can anyone help me?

I've tried all sorts such as:

if (ping -c1 a.b.c.1 != 1) then ifconfig em0 down; ifconfig em0 up endif

if ping -c1 a.b.c.1 != 1 then ping -c1 endif

if ping -c1 a.b.c.1 (ifconfig em0 down; ifconfig em0 up)

if ( ping -c1 a.b.c.1 != 1) ( ping -c1 )

if $command("=ping -c1 a.b.c.1 =0") echo sucess

if ping -c 1 -w 1 a.b.c.1 >/dev/null  echo sucess

if [[ (ping -q -c 3 a.b.c.1) == @(*100% packet loss*) ]]; echo sucess

if ! ping -c a.b.c.1 > /dev/null ; then echo sucess ; echo fail; fi

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards
David Hingston 

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