Bahman M. wrote:
Once I had a similar problem on a Linux box (send OK/no receive) and
after days of playing with settings and configurations I found that
the problem was the network _cable_. I replaced the cable and it went
fine without any additional configurations.

Hope this helps.


Thank for the suggestion, I've got PPP!

I too don't know why but I've switched cables and some of them worked for ppp, some of them didn't. But for basic network flow, they all work. WTF?

Nikos Vassiliadis wrote:
> >
> > LAN]--[Microsoft Windows XP w/ routing]--[Dialcom ADSL Bridge]--[line
> > //WORKS LAN]----[Corega BAR SD hardware router]--[Dialcom ADSL
> > Bridge]--[line //WORKS LAN]----------[FreeBSD software router]--[Dialcom
> > ADSL Bridge]--[line //SUCKS :)
> >
> > What does FreeBSD suck at?
> I know FreeBSD PPPoE doesn't suck for sure. Also, if FreeBSD
> doesn't work for you, that doesn't have to mean it's broken.

What I was trying to get at is that the internet connection can be made with the hardware router. Which means either that that ADSL modem is in bridging mode already, or it does not need to be in it at all, but FreeBSD requires some wtf.

Thx again
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