> I remember seeing this posted about a year ago, but I couldn't google
> it....
> one my business server, I run Verizon DSL and PPPoE.  I setup it up
> like with the example they used on Freebsddairy.
> the problem I ran into, after about 1 week is that the connection just
> died.  everything is lit up, no log entries in the ppp.log.  the only
> solution was a 'killall ppp' and restarting in about a minute later,
> and everything is fine...
> however, after i did that, I noticed my IP changed.  whereas i've
> closed the connection b4 and reopened it and got the same IP.  Does
> this have something to do with ppp not accepting a renewed DHCP IP
> address?

PPP doesn't use DHCP; you're confusing two technologies.

Whether or not you get the same IP after dropping your connection depends
entirely upon your provider.  Some providers will keep recently-dropped IPs
around for some period of time so that you can get the same IP back when you
reconnect, but others won't.

In most cases, PPPoE service with dynamic IPs are not designed for hosting
servers (which is the only case where you'd need a static IP).  If this is
allowable by your AUP, I'd look into using a commercial DNS service that can
let you auto-update your IPs when they change.  My personal choice is
ZoneEdit (http://www.zoneedit.com).

Matt Emmerton

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