Hello again:

What is device with designation md0?
I am trying to boot from install 6.2 cd in cd boxed set
on MSI model# RX480 Neo2 motherboard/ AMD64 processor
Right after an entry in the boot sequence referring to this
The kernel panics with vm_fault on no fault entry (and an address).
This panic had happened with usb controller enabled so I disabled it.
It also happened right after entry for psm0 (p/s2 mouse) so I disconnected
the mouse.
Now it is happening with this md0 device with path reference to /boot/mfsroot I looked on the FreeBSD site for supported hardware and did not find any info for specific motherboards, only general reference to AMD and Intel processors
which I take to imply that this motherboard should be supported.

Can anyone give me some direction on this matter?

Re: previous post on this matter for which there has been not response as yet; I solved the problem with the system trying to get on the network. It was because the cd ide cable was not properly seated in the socket so it was not being detected. The system seemed the think that there would be a boot device on the network and was sending queries to a dhcp server...that does not exist. I fixed the ide cable
and the other problem disappeared.

Thanks in advance;
Jeff K

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