Hi all,

I've got the following problem with my FBSD-4.7-STABLE-box:

It is running a mldonkey-2.02-client under a dedicated user. This
process eats up all memory. Thus the system starts swapping. This is in
general not a big problem but it slows down the whole machine, which is
also running several other services. My question now is how to limit the
mldonkey-precess' memory usage. I've got 64 MB of core and the CPU is a
Pentium 166, so not to fast at all, but sufficient for everything else.
top tells me that under normal load, without the mldonkey, about about
five MB of core are free. mldonkey needs about 20 MB which are resistant
and overall size (as top says) gets up to 70 MB, thus about 80 MB of
swap space get used, nearly zero under normal load. top also says that
about 30 MB of core are "wired" all the time. I'd like to know, what
this means and wheather it makes sense to decrease this (and if, how),
so that more space is left in RAM.

I tried to limit core-use of mldonkey by putting it into a seperate
login group with a lowered maxmemorysize but that had no effect. I also
niced it up, but that has no effect on swap usage, of course.

So, is there any possibility to speed up the machine except putting in
more physical RAM?

Help appreciated.


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