Steve Franks wrote:

I notice a earlier poster mentioned >  > work very well with ndisgen.

I think you've been misled.  That means you have to go thru several
manual steps to smash the windows drivers into something freebsd can
use.  Ugly, in my opinion.  If you want it to work 'out of the box',
go back and buy a card with a prisim/orinoco or atheros chipset.  If
you want to make your existing dongle work, look for ndisgen in the
handbook in the 'wireless networking' section.


Hi Steve.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'misled'. I'm not relating someone else's experiences. I really have had very good results with Project Evil/ndisgen. Those cards I mentioned can function perfectly well.

Though I note the TNET1130, just to spite me, has stopped working since I upgraded to 6.2-RELEASE-p7. Maybe I need to re-Evil it.

You're right that shoehorning XP drivers into BSD is painful. It's annoying to find the XP driver, then copy it to FAT to copy it to UFS, then wrap it with ndisgen. After that, it functions like any other driver ["sudo kldload if_ndis", etc].

Native drivers would be better. I don't have the experience to write them though. Project Evil is better than nothing, specially if it works well. Actually this whole discussion might well be moot, because in the specific case of the F5D7051, native drivers are coming in the form of [if I read correctly] if_ural and if_rum.

Btw, my last email implied that the F5D7051 is based on the TNET1130 chipset. That was wrong. Apologies. It's actually a Broadcom chip.

Adam J Richardson
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