Wojciech Puchar wrote:
I think most ethernet cards are fine with FreeBSD, if you're prepared to consider Project Evil aka ndisgen. [Warning: It's painful. Don't do it if you

the project evil works fine on one machine which motherboard has completely unknown ethernet card. and it works fine :)

I've had the same experience. What a tool! To be able to take a part of one OS and cram it into another and have it work seamlessly! Amazing. One thing I have learned though is to go through the whole ndisgen process again after a kernel/world update. Obvious when you think about it, because ndisgen requires the kernel source, but not so obvious at the time.

Actually finding the right XP driver for any given NIC can be a fearsome quest, so it's not a tool for any but the most adventurous new sysadmins, or those like me who are used to hunting down obscure .sys files across the trackless plains of the web.

Adam J Richardson
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