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Chris Maness wrote:
I am experiencing a very strange issue when I sync up my FreeBSD file server with my windows box using rsync. It seems as though the windows files end up read only in a way that I can't change back to read write using the standard windows tools, even if I delete it and create it again, very wierd. I can use the --no-p flag to keep it from copying these perms over to the FreeBSD box.


Hi Chris.

I don't have any experience of rsync, having been scared off it by every internet article and book ever written. I can suggest some alternatives though, if no one can help you out.

Have you tried scp? IIRC that does something similar. There's probably a free Windows version. FileZilla does SFTP, so if you have a SSH daemon on your file server you could get files that way. How about Bacula, a very good backup system which has Windows clients? One thing I don't recommend is Samba, which IMO is horrible to configure and doesn't preserve file attributes.

NFS is good too, but I haven't been able to find a decent free client. Unix Services for Windows almost trashed my entire XP partition. I'm not trying that again, and I spent ages downloading it too. :/

Adam J Richardson

I'm not sure what your umask is for your user ID in Windows, but I would check 
into that first, and also make sure that you maybe use --chmod=(mode) for the 
time being to remedy your issue (0777 should do the trick -- just make sure 
that the appropriate permissions are set on the root directory of the windows 

Personally I would stay away from rsync though in this case, but that's just me.


PS If you need to delete the files, login as the administrator account and 
delete them that way. That's the only way to fix Windows ACLs when they get 
fubar'ed. Heh.

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