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> At 04:20 PM 8/30/2007, L Goodwin wrote:
> >I and most of my clients who have hosted web sites
> >have just the one domain name. Does it make sense
> to
> >use the same domain name that your hosted web site
> >uses for your LAN?
> Sure does, no reason not to.  The only issue may be
> having unique machine 
> names, but that shouldn't really be too tough.

Do you mean avoid giving any machines on your LAN the
same hostname as the (hosted) web server, mail server
and ftp server? I don't even know what the hostname
for the web server is. The mail and ftp servers are
"mail.<domainname>.com" and "ftp.<domainname>.com", so
I guess I would not want to use these.

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