Jonathan Horne wrote:
> On Wednesday 29 August 2007 19:19:58 Peter Pluta wrote:
>> How does one pick a domain?
>> Just any old domain? 
> thats often how it goes!  mine was originally "dfwlanparty"... but dfwlp
> just 
> became the shortend version of what the community referred to it as.  i 
> bought the domain just out of convenience many moons ago :)
>> I keep visualizing a domain as in 3-4 servers each of 
>> which has a hostname mail, web, etc..
> fairly close, some times you will actually find servers that actually are 
> named "web" "mail", or have names after services.  myself, i have names
> that 
> ive chosen, and then use DNS to "link" the common services to them. 
> example, 
> if you do a:
> host
> youll find that castor is my server that handles  so, if
> you 
> have a specific name in mind, dont be afraid to use it!  you can always go 
> back later and use DNS to give your box as many "jobs" as you need (ie,
> you 
> can DNS both www and mail to the same server, if you need to).
> cheers,
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> Jonathan Horne
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Ah ok. I host a few domains on my box, 3 web, and 1 mail. I will just call
my box box(anything) and just have dns entries for
mail, www, etc.. to the appropriate domains. That makes more sense. Thanks 

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