Hello everyone, I need your help / insight here :)

My setup, 2 VMs, XP (WinXP) and  BSD (FreeBSD 6.2)

[XP , ] --- [,em1  BSD A.B.C.D,em0]  --- The Interweb 
---- [Other_servers_galore]

A.B.C.D is a public IP.

[Other_servers_galore] represents all and any servers XP wants to talk to . I 
really don't know either port or IP of these servers.

BSD is performing as gateway for XP , with NAT on em0 using pf.

I want to replace certain bytes (FOO) in TCP packets between XP and 
[Other_servers_galore] for other bytes (BAR).  Vlad Galu pointed out that 
net/netsed can help with this (with overhead, i know, this is only a test ). 
(Thanks again! )

so what I have setup : 

1) pf.conf has :
nat on $ext_if from $internal_net to any -> ($ext_if)
rdr on $int_if proto tcp from to any -> port 10101
2) I run netsed in transparent proxy mode as :

netsed tcp 10101 0 0 s/FOO/BAR

The traffic from XP gets redirected just fine to netsed, which replaces the 
bytes just fine. BUT the changed packets (the output of netsed) get reinjected 
somewhere so that the rdr hits them again, sending them back to netsed ad 
infinitum. ( yes, i managed to hit a load of 700+ without anything ever leaving 
BSD ...quite cool)

Now, netsed works just fine in that setup if I define the IP, eg :
pf.conf : 
nat on $ext_if from $internal_net to any -> ($ext_if)
rdr on $int_if proto tcp from to O.P.Q.R -> port 10101

netsed : 
netsed tcp 10101 O.P.Q.R 0 s/FOO/BAR

traffic goes to the external server O.P.Q.R ... but this was just a proof of 
concept, as I really can't tell the remote IPs in advance

How do I modify this setup so that netsed packets aren't caught again by pf's 
rdr and sent back into netsed ? I'm happy to try other tools / setups...

thanks for your time and any help you can provide :)
{Beto|Norberto|Numard} Meijome

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