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> b) Instead of replacing the destination address in pf with rdr, try
> leaving it as it is, but use route-to (lo0) to get the packet routed to
> the loopback interface. This would require netsed to listen on
> INADDR_ANY (or use a raw socket, I haven't checked its source code).

Hi Daniel,
 I tried this but i only managed to lock up the BSD VM a couple of times (not 
even console access, so it was not just network affected). I am not sure if 
i've done this correctly .. 

pass in on $int_if route-to proto tcp from to O.P.Q.R 
tag ROUTED keep state 

is that ok ? ( tried also doing route-to $external_addr with no 
visible change.) I have logging enabled specifically on lo0 , but i dont see 
any packets going through.

I am not entirely sure how netsed will pick up this packets. I've had netsed 
listening on *:{port} and{port} and it obviously didnt make any 
difference. Could you point me to any reference / sample of what you mean? 

thx again,

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