Nikos Vassiliadis schrieb:
> On Friday 31 August 2007 22:30, I correctly wrote:
>> Did you try without forcing a link speed(check ifconfig -m)
> s/without //
> anything useful in dmesg?

No, nothing at all in dmesg.

I don't think this is an auto negotiation issue. How can a Windows
machine that is connected to the same switch as my two FreeBSD machines
and does not even talk to them explicitly influence the autonegotation
of the FreeBSD NIC? If the NIC were not properly negotiated, it would
not even see the broadcasts of the Windows machine, I would think.

It must be something with ARP and TCP/IP in connection with that
particular river, I suppose.

The cards properly negotiate whatever the particular switch (tried
several, 100 and 1000) supports and I also tried setting various fixed
rates and duplex settings when using a cross link cable. This does not
change anything.

The interface is live and running, it just does not properly perform ARP
up to the point when I either put the interface in promiscuous mode for
a while or send some Windows broadcasts.


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