Thank you  Bob for your help.  The net.inet.tcp.rfc1323 was already
enabled but the problem still exists.  Upgrading is not an option as it
is an underlying os for an appliance running Spam Filter software.

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Hi Baiju,

Try this to get started:

If upgrading is an option:

Hope that helps,

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> Greetings.
> We currently use Espion appliance running FreeBSD 4.9 as a mail 
> interceptor for SPAM.  We have one customer who has their mail gateway

> hard coded with Window Scaling (WS=9).  Their mail gateway fails to 
> establish SMTP hello connection with WS=9.  However if they set their
Window Scaling to 7, it works.
> Where can I go on the FreeBSD to see its configuration for Window 
> Scale?  How can I modify that configuration?  Please email me with 
> your recommendation to [EMAIL PROTECTED] Any and all help are
appreciated.  Thank you in advance.
> Baiju Shah
> Network Security Engineer
> General Dynamics-C4S West
> 8201 E. McDowell Road
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