On Friday 31 August 2007 23:09:33 Laszlo Nagy wrote:

> neptunus# sshfs [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/fileshare/pub /usr/fileshare/pub
> fuse: bad mount point `/usr/fileshare/pub': Bad file descriptor
> neptunus# ls -l /usr/fileshare/
> ls: pub: Bad file descriptor
> total 22

> This is interesting. Now I have a special node called "pub" in that
> directory and I cannot delete it. What is wrong? :-)

Looks like your mount point didn't exist before connecting.

No idea how to get rid of that bad descriptor - but if you:

mkidr /usr/fileshare/mnt
sshfs [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/fileshare/pub /usr/fileshare/mnt

(assuming /usr/fileshare/pub is a directory on server fileshare) things should 
work correctly.

I do hope fileshare isn't the local machine, cause then you're mounting the 
directory on itself using ssh/fuse......eew, messy.
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