On 8/30/07, Shah, Baiju-p98993 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Greetings.
> We currently use Espion appliance running FreeBSD 4.9 as a mail interceptor 
> for SPAM.  We have one customer who has their mail gateway hard coded with 
> Window Scaling (WS=9).  Their mail gateway fails to establish SMTP hello 
> connection with WS=9.  However if they set their Window Scaling to 7, it 
> works.
> Where can I go on the FreeBSD to see its configuration for Window Scale?  How 
> can I modify that configuration?  Please email me with your recommendation to 
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] Any and all help are appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

A not well configured firewall also could cause problems with TCP
window scaling. See the section "Create TCP states on the initial SYN
packet" of
 Daniel Hartmeier's article at

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