On 2007-08-31 23:10, Howard Goldstein <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
>> I have been tinkering with scripts which pull changesets from
>> Perforce and commit them to 'clonable' Mercurial repositories (other
>> repoformats should be possible too).
>> If there is a specific part of the Perforce tree you are interested
>> in, we can arrange with the people developing that part of the tree
>> to 'mirror' and/or export Perforce changesets to another format.
> I was looking for Pawel's ZFS code at //depot/user/pjd/zfs to see if I
> could MFC it for my own system but it occurs to me as I'm answering you
> that I ought to be able to csup what I need right out of the CURRENT and
> avoid the problem.

Sure, depending on the time it takes for changes to trickle into CVS
HEAD from //depot/user/pjd/zfs/... it may be sufficient to pull the
changes from a CVSup copy of HEAD :-)

> perforce must be pretty good as compared to everything else we can run
> for version control?

It does the job, and it's an advanced centralized SCM system, with many
nice features one would expect from this sort of an SCM tool :-)

> Thanks in advance for taking a whack at the problem.

You're welcome :)

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