I have not been able to get the boxed set v6.2 install cd 1 to boot
on MSI RX480 Neo2 motherboard/amd64 processor. I started
with an IDE hard drive that I was going to use as boot drive for
OS. I have had panics related to USB controller, ps2 mouse,
md0 and sci0 com port. Disabling the usb controller solves that
accept for a bios setting that seems to work with usb enabled.
It seems to have to do with extended ROM associated with
Realtek ethernet device.
I took out the IDE hard drive because it seemed to give the
system detection problems. It was taking over a minute to
enter the bios setup. I replaced it with another SATA drive.
Now the delay is gone.... (some problem with the IDE hard drive ??)
The panic related to ps2 mouse was solved by disconnecting
the mouse.
I got what md0 is, memory disc.
The upshot of all of this boils down to one of two possibilities:
There is a problem with this motherboard, or there is some in
compatibility with FreeBSD. Just for kicks I tried booting from
6.0 install cd and got the same result as panic related to md0.
All of the  6.2 panics give the same; vm_fault on no fault entry.
The 6.0 panic message gives too much data to transcribe before
it reboots.
I would take this to mean that vm in vm_fault is virtual memory.
And I am guessing that the kernel on the install cd is trying to
create a temporary swap partition on one of the hard drives and
is having trouble with it.
The short question is, how can I get FreeBSD install cd boot
on this machine, or from misbehavior does it appear possible?
(one other paranoid possibility, MSI and Microsoft conspired
to sabotage attempts to install alternative OS). I will try a linux
distro just for kicks and see what happens.

notes for an X Files episode: I have installed 6.2 from the same
install set on an ASUS/amd64 machine successfully.
So the install disc 1 could have been damaged, the Logitec ps2
mouse is bad all of these possibilities all at once does not seem likely.
But it does tend to imply a hardware problem in general. (yes/no?)

Thanks in advance for info, data, consolation, whatever.
Jeff K

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