I just installed 7.0-CURRENT (after someone said on this list that it's very stable and there are very few bugs left). So far it seems to work fine, but there's one thing that bothers me. I repeatedly get the following messages in the console:

in openpam_dispatch(): pam_nologin.so: no pam_sm_authenticate()
in openpam_dispatch(): pam_nologin.so: no pam_sm_setcred()

One of those, or sometimes both, appear every time someone logs in, and since I use fetchmail to get mail from several accounts and deliver them locally, and then a local POP3 server from which my mail clients gets the mail, the logins, and thus the warning/error messages, are quite frequent.

Now for my actual questions:

1. How severe are those messages? Should I assume that there are security holes?

2. How do I get rid of the messages? No matter how severe they are, I do NOT want them filling up the console. So how could I correct the problem?

2a. Why do those messages appear at all? Could I have done something wrong when building and installing world and/or kernel?



Rolf Nielsen
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