I just installed 4.7 on a new machine and all seems well
except the XFree86 is only working on the default VGA mode.

Configuring X is a complete nightmare, am I missing something ?

I haven't a clue what sync rates my monitor has and have no manual for it.,

also I intend moving the server to a new office where it will be attached
a different monitor.

I've tried selecting various options from the various menus but all
that happens is my screen blinks and I have to reboot and try again
with the same result.

Apart from the fact it doesn't work, does it generate an error log
so I can try and work out the problem ?

Is there no standard config which would allow something  better than
VGA. I don't need to squeeze the last drop of performance out of the
monitor/graphics card, just get something useable up and running.

I've been installing & using FreeBSD for about 6 years now and have
never gained any confidence in installing X, it either works or it doesn't.

This must put off loads of potential users , particularly those such as
who don't know (or much care) about what chipsets & stuff they have.

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