Nikos Vassiliadis schrieb:

>> I don't think this is an auto negotiation issue. How can a Windows
>> machine that is connected to the same switch as my two FreeBSD machines
>> and does not even talk to them explicitly influence the autonegotation
>> of the FreeBSD NIC? 

> I didn't say that a Windows machine can influence adversely a FreeBSD
> machine. 

In my case, to the contrary, a Windows machine does positively influence
the FreeBSD machines. Look:

- One switch connected to bge3 on both FreeBSD machines, no
  other connections.

- The machines cannot ping each other.

- Hook up a Windows machine that basically does nothing at all to
  another port of the switch.

- As a result, the machines can now ping each other.

- Disconnect the Windows machine.

- The machines continue working normally.

> (Symptom is that the NIC reports the link as up (PCS synched) but
> no traffic can be exchanged.)
> This message is from revision 1.71 of the bge driver. In short I
> would really try what's recommended there.

Well, that bug in revision 1.71 was discussed somewhere in the 4.x
branch and a patch was submitted to current at the time. So I would
guess that it is already included in 6.2!?

> hm, what happens if you disable ARP?
> ifconfig intX -arp
> and use static ARP?

Point taken, this does not fix it.

On the other hand, forcing the link speed likewise does not fix the
problem, so I don't think it is an auto negotiation problem, either.

In the meantime, I have found out that the affected interfaces show
similar problems on Linux (Debian Etch). I'm starting to get the
impression that this is a hardware issue.

There was a bug reported for the BIOS of this xSeries 346 that leads to
"PCI configuration errors" resulting in "SCO Unixware not picking up
network connections". I flashed the updated BIOS, but to no avail.

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