On Friday 31 August 2007 20:55:13 Tobias Ernst wrote:
> Hi,
> I have further news on this problem. It really seems to be a
> driver/hardware issue.
> As I said, the two servers have 6 NICs each. These are:
> bge0, bge1: BCM5750, integrated on the motherboard
> bge2, bge3: BCM5704, PCIX card
> bge4, bge5: BCM5704, PCIX card
> I can instantly ping the other machine after booting up when using bge0,
> bge1 or bge2 on both machines.
> I cannot initially ping the other machine when using bge3, bge4 or bge5.

Since you suspect hardware, can you physically switch bge2/3/4/5 around in the 
PCI chain? Like, now bge4 becomes new bge2. If the OS still gives problems 
from the new bge3 onwards, one might suspect the PCI card or something in PCI 
interface (ordering/bios interrupt clashes/ X) at which point I'd take it 
to -hardware or -stable with a verbose boot message attached.


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