I'd say thanks for the help, but telling someone that 'it works for me' is not 

I upgraded to 6.2p7 from 6.2p6 and this problem started happening, but only 
with dhcpd.

In fact I can run the old dhcpd fine, but the new binary deos not run fine.  

The old binary does a dhcp reply from [dhcpd ip address] to

The new binary does a dhcp reply from [dhcpd ip address] to

Windows is not getting the reply from the new binary.  This is not the correct 
behavior.  In fact there is a bug in OLD 2.2 linux kernels that says that the 
kernel routing is messed up (see isc-dhcp3 web site docs).


Peter Boosten <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: Joe wrote:
> Hello, after running tcpdump for a while I discoverd what is going on with my 
> dhcpd server and why some clients are not able to get an IP address from it, 
> in particular windows clients.  It turns out it is not just win2k but any 
> windows. 
> It seems that the dhcpd server is replying to the subnet and not the 
> broadcast net.  So the reply that should be sent to is 
> sent to  Then, because the client has no IP address or has 
> defaulted it to a 169.x.x.x(MS defaults) it does not seem to be getting the 
> reply and thus never gets an address assigned.

I have no problems running dhcp3 with windows clients at all... As far
as I can tell the broadcast address of a subnet *never* is



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