I have mrouted running on freebsd 4.7. I am routing
between two
private networks:

10.100.100.x <-> mrouted <-> 192.168.3.x

and I can see the multicast traffic on the client side
but the switch that connects the client side network
with the router
is getting flooded with the multicast traffic.  My
understanding was
that if no machines had joined a multicast group on
the subnet, no
multicast traffic would get past mrouted, and if one
client has joined
a multicast group, then the router would forward the
packets to that client (and only that client!)

When I looked through the mrouted man page, i didn't
see any options
that would fix this.  googling for information on
mrouted returned
alot of nothing.

How can I configure mrouted to only forward multicast
packets to
clients that join a multicast group?

any help on this would be very much appreciated!



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