Hey, all...

I've been a user of FreeBSD and OpenBSD for quite a while now.  Unfortunatly, 
I haven't had much time to tinker lately, and that's unlikely to change in 
the near future.  Sadly, I need to get an OS that my wife would be more 
comfortable using and that wouldn't be as time-comsuming to make it more 
comfortable for her.  

I downloaded the uberyl live CD and found that ubuntu seems to pick up on 
everything I have on the laptop (as well as all the attachments), so I'm 
downloading it now.

Because I've put so much time into getting this FreeBSD install where it is 
now (and because I favor the BSDs), I'm still a bit hesitant...  Has anyone 
here had much experience with ubunu as a desktop?  Negatives/positives?

Kind of OT, I guess...  I'd just rather hear it from someone in this group 
rather than the inevitable, "Oh yeah.  You won't be sorry." from the ubuntu 
folk (salespitches == fingernails on a chalkboard :) ).  



PS.  Yes, I've played with PC-BSD.  Unfortunately, that's still more work than 
I have time for.

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