Hi everyone,

I'm running 6.2-RELEASE on two systems (a Pentium 4 and a dual Athlon), and
whenever I log into Xfce4, I notice that a process called "dbus-daemon" is
invoked and eats up 100% of the CPU when no other processes are running.

If another process is running, dbus-daemon only hogs about 50% of the CPU,
but this is still frustrating. If, for example, I am compiling a port,
dbus-daemon takes about 50% of my CPU time, leaving only half the
processor's time for compiling.

I am fairly new to xfce, and googling the issue hasn't helped me out. Any
ideas? How can I fix dbus so it doesn't use so much CPU, or how can I
disable it completely? I know it is used for inter-application
communication, but I'm not entirely sure I need it (I don't see any adverse
effects when I kill it manually).

I don't see anything unusual in /var/log/messages, nor any errors in

Thanks for the help,

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