It's much simpler than that.

c:\>net time /setsntp:ntpserver.yourdomain.tld

or, if you have more than one ntp server

c:\>net time /setsntp:"ntp1.yourdomain.tld ntp2.yourdomain.tld"

> Hi all,
>   I have one FreeBSD NTP server which syncs all my server clocks.   Getting 
> the NTP server running was a piece of cake following the instructions in the 
> online handbook.  Recently I was asked to sync a bunch of windows machines 
> (10 of them) to my NTP server.   Now I'm not a windows person, so I asked one 
> of the windows people to figure out his side since my side was up and 
> running.   He wrote this little .bat file to run on the windows boxes to be 
> sync'd.   Its pretty straight forward....just save it as a .bat file 
> (time.bat) and run it from your XP box.   Make sure to enter your NTP IP 
> address where the x's are below.     It seems to work fine for us.   Your 
> mileage may vary.  There may be better/easier ways of doing this, but this is 
> what works ok for us....
> Here's the .bat file....use it at your own risk....
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> @echo Updating Time Service....
> @echo.
> @echo.
> @echo off
> w32tm /config /,0x8 /syncfromflags:manual
> w32tm /config /update
> @echo Restarting Time Service
> @echo.
> @echo.
> net stop w32time
> net start w32time
> pause
> cls
> @echo Verify your Time Server's IP Address and SNTP Flag of "0x8"
> @echo.
> net time /querysntp
> @echo.
> @echo Exiting configuration
> pause
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> --
> Joe
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