Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone can possibly explain or give their expertise
with this bizarre/weird issue if you will that I've been having while
using such commands as portsnap, portaudit, fetch, etc.

First off, I'm running FreeBSD v6.1.   I have three (Internet) servers
running the same FreeBSD version.   However, one of the servers has been
giving me trouble and I can't decipher whether or not it's a FreeBSD
related issue or something else altogether.

On this one server, whenever I try to use "portaudit", "portsnap",
"fetch", or whenever I try to upgrade ports and it needs to "fetch" the
updates the connections ALMOST always "time out".   But what's weird is
that I don't have the issue on the other two FreeBSD servers when they
need to use the same commands.

I can SSH to this (problem) server, ping to-from it, and everything
else.   It's gotten to the point where I thought it was a FreeBSD
problem so I completely reformatted and installed the O/S.  However,
it's STILL doing the same thing.  Upon trying to install certain
distribution sets through FTP media, I'd get an error about it (FreeBSD)
not being able to get a connection with the remote FreeBSD server. 

After that, I even went as far as changing network cards and it's still
doing it.   Using "netstat" while trying to use the commands shows that
it's sending a "SYN" flag to the remote server, but no connection is
ever established.

I have all three servers plugged into the same router/firewall and have
done so for years with no problems.   This is the first issue of its kind.

I'd greatly appreciate any insight, help, explanation, or something. 
This is getting really aggrevating.

THANK YOU in advance.

-- Michael
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