Hi folks.  

I'm running 6.2-RELEASE, and recently installed Xorg.  I've been using
Fluxbox as my window manager, and everything has been working fine until
recently.  I cannot think of any major changes I've made to create this

Here's what happens.  Once in a while (I can't reproduce the problem by
doing anything specific), I exit X, and my TTY does not come back.  I've
verified the system has not crashed by SSHing in to the system -- where
I can `startx`, and the X session resumes.  I've tried
[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Backspace], which does kill the X session, but TTY does
not resume as expected.  

I am using an nVidia GeForce 5500MX with the x11/nvidia-drivers,
x11/nvidia-settings, and x11/nvidia-xconfig ports.  Fluxbox and all Xorg
dependencies are also installed from ports.  (Yes, I did update my ports
tree before installing.)  

The only change I've made to my xorg.conf was:
        Section "Extensions"
                Option  "Composite"     "Enable"

and the default mode for resolution.  I've also disabled the above
section, thinking it was a compositing problem, but that did not resolve

Any ideas, or pointers on where to look would be appreciated.  
Thanks in advance.

Glen Barber
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