> Do you have the two modems required for such a configuration?
> Each link of the bond must get its ethernet interface. So, you
> need two ethernet cards at least and two ADSL modems in bridging
> mode. The configuration itself is pretty straightforward.

Yes, I have more than the required number of modems, and same with NIC's ;)

Essentially, I want to swap out my Cisco 2651 with the FreeBSD box with
the hardware configuration you just described.

It's either put the BSD box in to the 100Mbps connection and leave the
Cisco in place on the ADSL connections and route between them when
necessary, or what I really want is to replace the Cisco entirely if I
can multi-link with FreeBSD.

> If you cover the requirements, I can send you a working configuration.
> Not necessarily an exact replicate of what you send, but close enough.

I would very much appreciate a working config. I can easily adjust to my


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