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> [...]
> First of all thanks for you help but I'm still a little confused
> about where to put that file, I put it in the ..audio/xmcd/files/
> directory and named it patch-aj but when I try to install it asks me
> "# File to patch:" and I don't know what to put! Did I miss something?

Save the entire text e.g. in /tmp/xmcd.patch, change the line for
patch-aj, i.e. instead of 

  +++ patch-aj    Thu May 31 12:58:25 2007

you should put

  +++ files/patch-aj    Thu May 31 12:58:25 2007


  # cd /usr/ports/audio/xmcd
  # make clean
  # patch < /tmp/xmcd.patch
  # make patch

At this stage, you should have three .orig files in files/ directory
and three newly corrected files. Then

  # make install clean

Nikola Lečić
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