Do a man on natd and look at port redirection...

To do it in rc.conf you should add to the natd_flag="" line...

-redirect_port tcp_or_udp address_of_target_machine:port_on_target_machine 

here is a example here...
"-redirect_port tcp 6822 -redirect_port udp 6822"

what this will do is redirect all tcp/udp packets coming in on port 6822 to

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003 22:06:45 -0500
Pete C <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

any quick pointers for how to go about setting up ssh though ipfw on a
gateway/router running nat to one of the internal machines ? (FreeBSD
on both the router and internal machine)

after a quick search of the available resourses (Google/BSD, mail
archives, etc) I'm thinking it should be easier that this ?

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