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I have found that when I do an install with an install.cfg file on a floppy, I must insert the floppy right after the system begins to boot from CD. If I don't when I tell sysinstall to read the floppy I get an error.

As a work around, if I go into the options and select rescan for hardware devices (not sure if that is the exact wording) after inserting the floppy disk, it will work OK as well. Might be worth a try.

No luck. I've rescanned time after time, and get nothing. No sloppy devices show up in dmesg, cannot use mount_msdosfs to access the floppy, etc.

This is truly, truly frustrating, as I am trying to follow THESE instructions:


I've even tried installing to an external (non-raid) drive in an attempt to use that drive as a "really big floppy". The boot loader doesn't know how to see the BSD partition on it, and apparently can only see "raw" bios drives.

Another possible approach was to try and boot from the single drive and then use sysinstall to install onto the RAID array, but I've had issues with that before.

As an aside, the module HAS to be loaded before the boot process, so I can't use kldload to load the module from a fixit floppy or something like that.

My workaround at the moment is that I am downloading a snapshot ISO of -STABLE

It might be nice if the "loading modules from floppy" procedure (while rarely required) was better documented.



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