>I have an ageing NT4 file server that is the PDC (windows speak for
>primary domain controller) for my windows network.  I have roughly
>40 networked pc's connected to this network and most of the clients
>are running XP Pro.  I have one client running windows 2000 pro, and
>one client running Vista Ultimate (gag, puke).

>I would like to know if I can replace that NT4 PDC with Freebsd and
>Samba.  I would like real world feedback from people who are actually
>running it.


We are running Samba on FreeBSD 6.2 as a PDC with LDAP as a backend.
For user management we use ldap-account-manager and the ldapsmb-tools
all from ports.

It works fine for us.
We have 30 clients all WinXP except one Win2k

We also use roaming profiles and ACL.
It all works like it should.
The only thing I can not get to work is the USRMGR.EXE utility.
It errors out with an error that a device on the system is not working,
but the user is added to the ldap database??

A good howto to setup this is here:

We also use bind and isc-dhcp3 to get an up to date DNS on the LAN.


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