On Wednesday 05 September 2007 06:09, John Crawford wrote:
> I'd like to be able to boot either of the
> two drives.

That's up to your BIOS. FreeBSD will mount / from the
gmirror, which will be backed by one or more disks. Earlier
stages will use BIOS to load the kernel, etc.

May I suggest {{{
When I configured gmirror on a server, I felt safer pulling
the plug than disabling it the normal way. That way I could
evaluate that:
1) my BIOS settings are correct regarding booting
        from both disks.
2) gmirror is doing what I wanted it to do.

> I suppose I could use kernel.conf and "di ad0" or "di ad2"
> to suppress drive hardware detection, but I'm hoping to
> do something simple (with a few keystrokes) during
> one of the boot stages to suppress one or another of the
> drive detections. I don't recall how to disable a given
> device during the an interactive boot procedure.

You can detach an ATA channel using "atacontrol detach".
Since your disks are on different channels, that's probably
what you asked for. Not all controllers/controller drivers
support this.

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