On 05.09.2007 11:22, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
Your reaction is facinating considering the location implied by
your e-mail reply address.  I can perhaps understand your adversion
to the use of metaphors in language - God know the Serbian propagandists
warped the metaphor beyond the breaking point in your history and
perhaps now, there is a horror of them there that will take generations to

I thought were discussing the configuration of the mail server not your hatred toward us Serbs, Iraqis and God knows whom else. But then on the second thought maybe you are trying to teach us how to configure the spam filter. So how high should we set it? Only Serbs from Serbia can not send emails or even we Serbs who live in U. S? Are you coding now MailScanner-antiSerb version or MailScanner-antiIraqi version?

Hopefully next time you will stick to addressing the topic.
We Serbs are certainly hopping for that!

Predrag Punosevac
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