> Jim posted here asking for help, using words and language that
> gives serious doubt that he is competent to run a mailserver
> of any kind.

Knowledgeable and competant are two different things. If I were not
competant, I would not bother attempting to get that knowledge that I

I don't  know the nitty gritty details about exactly what and how mail
servers are encrypted.
I don't know all the nitty gritty details about how everything talks
and intercommunicates.
I do know that that any time a password goes over the internet (not
just LAN) it needs to be encrypted as securly as possible.
I do know that mail (and other) servers should live in jails.
I do know not to run an open relay (take email from any server to
deliver to any server, without authentication, and plan to achieve
this by only allowing incoming mail).
I do know that there is no such thing as too much paranoia when
setting up a server.
I know to find out and learn what I don't know, rather than to just
stumble along blindly.

There, that about covers everything that I do/don't know.

-Jim Stapleton
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