On Wednesday 05 September 2007 12:34:45 Jim Stapleton wrote:

> Thank all of you for your suggestions, I'll look at them. This is a
> mail server for me and maybe a few friends. I plan on running incoming
> SMTP, maybe at some point outgoing (requiring authentication/SSL,
> definetly no relay), no relay, no webmail, POP, if possible only under
> SSL. I think there's enough here for me to do my research and get what
> I need. Thank you,

Don't rule out good old mail/qpopper just yet.

Also, be aware that whichever solution you choose, there are scanners out 
there that won't hesitate to query port 110 with an account guesser, which 
can spawn many daemons depending on how fast your pop server handles it.

You may wanna limit access to port 110 to you and your friends if that's 
possible or look into a pop server that can limit ammount of requests/second 
it accepts from host.

People using reply to all on lists, must think I need 2 copies.
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