Bahman M. wrote:
>> Is it possible to do automatic fetching of source files in the
>> background while other parts are being compiled?
>  >
> Just login on multiple consoles or use multiple x terminals (if running
> X) and on each one run 'make' for the port you want to compile.  The
> port(s) will be fetched and compiled simultaneously.  Then all you need
> to do is to run 'make install' for each port.
> Note: I'm not sure but I think it's not a good practice to issue more
> than one 'make install' at a time.
This is fine unless 2 ports depend on the same one -- i.e the glib
related ones esp.  The makes will "rm -f the .o" files and confuse one
another.  If this happens no biggie, just rerun the make for that port
in one window.

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