you've sold me :)
do you have any good online tutorials to recommend for setting up a 
gateway/firewall/natd machine using ipfilter/ipnat?


> 1. Your firewall rules are not working at all, except for the natd
> redirect option. This is caused by the kernel compile time option
> IPFIREWALL_DEFAULT_TO_ACCEPT.    This option tell your firewall that
> any packet that does not match a rule is allowed to pass on through
> the firewall. Comment out that option in your kernel options source
> and recompile your kernel to take the default of default-to-deny and
> your current rules set will stop functioning.
> 2. You are using the simplest of the rule types 'state-less'. Using
> this type of rules you have to not only have a rule to allow the
> packet out you also have to have a rule to allow the packet in. See
> rules 220 & 230 of your posted rule set to see how it should be
> done.
> 3.  There are 3 classes of rules, each class has separate packet
> interrogation abilities. Each proceeding class has greater packet
> interrogation abilities than the previous one. These are stateless,
> simple stateful, and advanced stateful. The advanced stateful rule
> class is the only class having technically advanced interrogation
> abilities capable of defending against the flood of different attack
> methods currently employed by perpetrators. Stateless and Simple
> Stateful IPFW firewall rules are inadequate to protect the users
> system in today's internet environment and leaves the user
> unknowingly believing they are protected when in reality they are
> not.
> 4. The advanced stateful rule option keep-state works as documented
> only when used in a rule set that does not use the divert rule.
> Simply stated the IPFW advanced stateful rule option keep-state does
> not function correctly when used in a IPFW firewall that also is
> using the IPFW built in NATD function. For the most complete
> keep-state protection the other FIREWALL solution (IPFILTER) that
> comes with FBSD should be used. Just checkout the IPFW list archives
> and you will see this subject discussed in detail with out any
> solution forthcoming.
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> Sent: Friday, January 31, 2003 8:18 AM
> Subject: please comment on my nat/ipfw rules (resent)
> hi all
>  i have my test machine set up as a gateway box, with ipfw/natd
> configured on it, set up to filter/redirect packets bound for a
> client on my internal network.
>  external ip of my internal client is aliased to the outside nic of
> the gateway box
>  gateway machine's kernel has been recompiled with:
>  options IPFIREWALL
>  options IPDIVERT
>  gateway's /etc/rc.conf looks like
>  defaultrouter="129.x.x.1"
>  hostname="hostname.com"
>  ifconfig_xl0="inet 129.x.x.1 netmask"
>  #aliasing internal client's ip to the outside nic of gateway box
>  ifconfig_xl0_alias0="inet 129.x.1.20 netmask"
>  #inside nic of gateway box
>  ifconfig_xl1="inet netmask"
>  gateway_enable="YES"
>  firewall_enable="YES"
>  #firewall_script="/etc/rc.firewall"
>  firewall_type="/etc/ipfw.rules"
>  natd_enable="YES"
>  #natd interface is outside nic
>  natd_interface="xl0"
>  #natd flags redirect any traffic bound for ip of www3 to internal
> ip of www3
>  natd_flags="-redirect_address 129.x.x.20"
>  kern_securelevel_enable="NO"
>  .........
>  internal client's /etc/rc.conf looks like
>  second machine's /etc/rc.conf:
>  defaultrouter=""
>  ifconfig_xl0="inet netmask"
>  ................
>  looks like this setup is working. the internal client is a basic
> webserver/ftp server. i am able to ftp to it, ssh to it, view
> webpages that it serves up, etc. with it hooked up to the internal
> nic of the gateway box.
>  i am now trying to come up with a good set of firewall rules on the
> gateway box to filter out all unnecessary traffic to my internal
> network. the following is my /etc/ipfw.rules on the gateway box.
>  -----------------------------snip------------------------------
>  # firewall_type="/etc/ipfw.rules"
>  # enquirer ipfw.rules
>  # NAT
>  add 00100 divert 8668 ip from any to any via xl0
>  # loopback
>  add 00210 allow ip from any to any via lo0
>  add 00220 deny ip from any to
>  add 00230 deny ip from to any
>  #allow tcp in for nfs shares
>  #add 00301 allow tcp from 129.x.x.x to any in via xl0
>  #add 00302 allow tcp from 129.x.x.x to any in via xl0
>  #allow tcp in for ftp,ssh, smtp, httpd
>  add 00303 allow tcp from any to any in 21,22,25,80,10000 via xl0
>  #deny rest of incoming tcp
>  add 00309 deny log tcp from any to any in established
>  #from man 8 ipfw: allow only outbound tcp connections i've created
>  add 00310 allow tcp from any to any out via xl0
>  #allow udp in for gateway for DNS
>  add 00300 allow udp from to 53 via xl0
>  #allow udp in for nfs shares
>  #add 00401 allow udp from 129.x.x.x to any in recv xl0
>  #add 00402 allow udp from 129.x.x.x to any in recv xl0
>  #allow all udp out from machine
>  add 00404 allow udp from any to any out via xl0
>  #allow some icmp types (codes not supported)
>  ##########allow path-mtu in both directions
>  add 00500 allow icmp from any to any icmptypes 3
>  ##########allow source quench in and out
>  add 00501 allow icmp from any to any icmptypes 4
>  ##########allow me to ping out and receive response back
>  add 00502 allow icmp from any to any icmptypes 8 out
>  add 00503 allow icmp from any to any icmptypes 0 in
>  ##########allow me to run traceroute
>  add 00504 allow icmp from any to any icmptypes 11 in
>  add 00600 deny log ip from any to any
>  #--- end ipfw.rules ---#
>  -----------------------------snip------------------------------
>  any comments on how i could improve this set of ipfw rules to
> better secure my internal client would be appreciated. thanks again
>  redmond
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