> As I said, don't apologize for using an OS that matches your needs
> better than FreeBSD.  Just don't assume that everyone's needs are
> the same as yours, and we would all be spending less time tinkering
> with Ubuntu, or even FreeBSD for that matter.

This is an exceptionally good point.

I use Windows on my workstation at work. 90% of our servers run FreeBSD.

In the past, I have run into issues using particular software with
FreeBSD at home, so I just ran Windows.

Since I rarely use a PC when I'm at home, and it's more for the
kids/wife, I recently acquired a new PC for my home environment from a
corporation that had no OS on it.

I knew FreeBSD would not do the job in it's entirety (none of my FBSD
boxes have anything resembling a GUI near it), so I tried Ubuntu.

Looks great, the GUI comes up perfectly right after install. Personally
though, the only thing I have a hard time with is commands aren't in the
 *right* place, or missing entirely. Same for config files etc. (CLI
obviously). Not only that, there are specific tasks that I want to do
via GUI, but you (OP) like I, have not the time to figure it out.

The entire issue comes down to what works for *YOU*. Does FBSD do what
you need, and also satisfy the requirements for everyone else who will
use it? If not, does Windows? I didn't go with Windows, because I am
certain I can have our home PC do what my family needs it to do with
something else.

However, that said, if it comes down to it, and I have to fudge too much
longer to make it just work, then yes, Windows it is, and I will
begrudgingly go purchase another license.

If you don't have time to get one OS working properly to your
requirements, then go for one that you know will work globally in your

Your original post stated:

"Sadly, I need to get an OS that my wife would be more
comfortable using and that wouldn't be as time-comsuming to make it more
comfortable for her."

...how 'bout you ask HER what SHE wants here? By reviewing the thread,
you are busy on the road working, so if she feels a license for Windows
is the answer, then you are obviously busy enough with work to justify
the cost to offset the lost time in implementing something else...right?

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