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> In case I haven't made myself clear, I despise Qmail with a passion. I
> suppose it is suitable for people who like puzzles (as in "What
> patches do I need to make this do something useful?" or "What
> third-party tool do I need to make sense out of these awful log
> files?") and who don't mind inflicting lots of unnecessary secondary
> spam on the rest of the world.  Yes, I know there are _supposed_ to be
> patches that fix that problem, but (a) the one I've seen in action
> doesn't work very well, and (b) you shouldn't need to apply
> third-party patches to your mail server to make it do what it is
> supposed to do in the first place.

I second all these points. I think it's probably better to use sendmail than
qmail. Sendmail at least supports most (all?) SMTP / antispam related features,
it is well documented , and configurable to the extreme (with the caveat that
its configuration may be a bit daunting to the un-initiated :D).

I just realised that qmail appears over and over in Linux distros, or at least
on linux servers i've had to suffer... not sure the relationship there (in
design / philosophy...)... and I am really NOT wanting to start a flame war.
Just a thought that crossed my mind as I was reading this thread.

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