i am installing clients with a PXE setup. I use a boot only iso
(6.2-RELEASE-i386-bootonly.iso), and i unpack it and use it for
installation, the setup is also unattended with an install.cfg file (I
mounted the mfsroot.gz and made some adjustments) All this works fine,
and the way i want it.

now it looks like i have to make some kernel adjustments to suit my
needs. I would like to install clients in the same way, it makes it very
easy to make changes. The problem is that if do this i have to recompile
the kernel on every system installed, and this is very time consuming.

Since the hardware i am using is the same on all clients (ca 40 barebone
computers), i was wondering if i perhaps can recompile one kernel, and
use it during the pxe install. Is this possible, or does anyone else
have a good idea on what i should do?

Best regards,
Kenneth Grande
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